Marvel Series...The One Design That Does it All

Marvel S

Without testing a frame on the track how can anyone say the frame is really a race worthy design?
~Jon Fraley

As our flagship track frame, the MARVEL S is full monocoque, rigid, fast, and full of performace.  
An all around track frame for sprinting and the time conscious rider.  Dive into every turn with confidence our stabilizing top tube air foil gives you the confidence to take on any track, feel the responsiveness of our progressive 35mm offset fork rake (1 1/8 -1 1/2)...maybe the strongest fork in history, and as an option a 43mm offset fork is available. 



“I can ride any bike I want and wanted this bike (MARVEL R), it corners better than any bike on the road and I know it makes me faster sprinting, TT and climbing.”  ~Andy “The Volcano” Crater

Marvel R

The twin sister to the MARVEL S for the road rider or triathlete. The MARVEL S  comes with a 43mm offset rake, giving you the performance plus comfort for your everyday riding and racing. Customers love this frame because of its direct energy transfer, incredible cornering ability and comfortable ride, making this is a true racing machine.  External BB and BB30 available.


All Marvel Series have an option of a negative 24 mm offset or positive 7 mm offset seatpost
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Marvel Geometry

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