Marvel Series

“Jon (Fraley) came to me and asked “Rich can we build a better track frame?” At the time I didn’t know…so I asked “Where do we start?” Jon responded, “We know what makes up a great frame and here are the angles, bottom bracket height, stiffness, all the known specs.”  We started there…then we broke the mold”  ~Dr. Rich Protasiewicz, Jr.


Marvel S

"We got this one right!" ~Jon Fraley (multi national track champion)

As our flagship track frame, the MARVEL S is full monocoque, rigid, fast, and full of performace including being the only track frame having the option of a BB 30
It's our true all around track frame for sprinting and the time conscious rider.  Dive into every turn with confidence...our stabilizing top tube air foil gives you the confidence to take on any track. Additionally, feel the responsiveness of our progressive 35mm offset fork rake (1 1/8 -1 1/2)...maybe the strongest fork in history, and as an option our 43mm offset fork is available. As with the entire MARVEL series our aft-for micro adjusting seatpost aides in that personalized fit. 


“I can ride any bike I want and wanted this bike (MARVEL R), it corners better than any bike on the road and I know it makes me faster sprinting, TT and climbing.”  ~Andy “The Volcano” Crater

Marvel R

The twin sister to the MARVEL S for the road rider or triathlete in all of us, the MARVEL R is full throttle fun, full monocoque, and causes any rider to ask, “Why not ride this beauty?”  Using the same neuro-biomechanical angles as the MARVEL S except offering our road friendly” 43mm offset rake, giving you the performance plus comfort for your everyday riding and racing. Customers love this frame because of its direct energy transfer, incredible cornering ability and comfortable ride, making this is a true racing machine.  For added performance, choose either the external BB or BB30 option.


Marvel M

The cousin to our MARVEL S, the MARVEL M comes with a seatmast instead of a seatpost. Full monocoque, this beauty perfectly suits riders who are concerned about seatpost slip or enjoy the look of a seatmast.  Everything else mirrors our incredible MARVEL S frameset.


Marvel RM
Whoever said a Tri or TT bike doesn’t need to accelerate out of corner is nuts! The MARVEL RM is to the road as the MARVEL M is to the track...pure speed. This beauty is a blast of fresh air in the bicycling market, stable at high speed, aero and of course full monocoque! The mast styling is a favorite with the tri and TT crowd but roadies love the styling for their road racing needs. The RM accelerates like a missile and corners like...brilliance because unlike other frames (Tri or TT) that transfer all your weight to the front wheel, the MARVEL RM puts you in a real "legal" aero position. This frame comes with our aero 43mm offset rake fork, and as an option, either the external BB or BB30 for your performance needs.

Marvel SR

“When the race doesn’t come to you…create your own race” ~Dr. Rich Protasiewicz, Jr.

Picking freewheel gear ratios is a bike geeks dream!   Know your terrain, speed and cadence…the rest is up to you

First in the industry…Single Speed Racers are the new thing on the road for competition.  The idea is straight forward: sprint tri racing or single speed crit racing. Light weight machines, no derailleur(s), no shifters, just two brakes and pick your freewheel. 

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Marvel Geometry

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